Wednesday, 28 November 2012

RICE therapy - rice filled freezer bags

I experimented today with creating Owly rice bags to keep in the freezer and put on bumps and bruises, and in this hot weather to send to bed with the kids so hopefully they cool down a bit and sleep!
I made these with a removable outer slip-cover with the owl design on it, and a two-layer inner owl shaped bag with the rice in it (double stitched so hopefully the rice doesn't come out).
The outer should be washable (my kids are grubs) but the inner hopefully won't need to be, I'm not sure how the rice would cope with washing - it'd certainly need to be a quick hand wash not a long cycle in the machine!
They are adult hand sized, so about the right size for most kids bumps and scrapes,(shown here in the hands of Miss 4, who is tiny for her age)
Hopefully I can get a production line going as these are intended to be a bit of a fundraiser for our Playcentre which has just had its shade sail stolen (who would steal from kids, especially when it's a non profit place!!!)