Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Nursery Art

I've been inspired by Little Blue Boo to try my hand at nursery art, I won't show you my first attempt, but the second one, for my new niece came out ok - our local Chinese import shop has these wee canvas blocks at the moment so I hope to make some more soon.

Week two, very late, upcycling sheets

Well, it's been way more than a week, but in my defense we have been SICK, and Mr 4 turned into Mr 5 and started school, so I'm doing mother help twice (or more)a week, but anyway, here's week two - upcycling sheets...

This is just one idea, I'm sure there are hundreds more out there, but as there have been a few birthdays I've been putting together "build a fort" kits - very simply you take an unwanted but unripped sheet, cut strips from an old tee shirt and make loops and ties at each corner and down the sides/ smack bang in the middle of the sheet. (sew these on) visit your local $2 store and pick up some pegs, rope and a torch and bob's your father's brother, one self build fort.
There are several blogs out there which already show you how to do it, so I won't reinvent the wheel, but send you to have a look instead.
Jodi Michelle
Salt Water Kids

But anyway, here's one of my version - I forgot to get photos of the other so you'll just have to imagine.

So, what can you use an old sheet for?