Sunday, 28 August 2011

Upcycling old blankets into new

I've been doing lots of upcycling recently - stuff I've been meaning to do for ages and finally got the time for, so I'm putting out a One a Week Challenge to everyone to see if they can upcycle one item each week.

This week my challenge is old wool blankets, I have 3 or 4 really old manky woolen blankets, not good enough to make into coats but certainly good enough to hide inside some nicer fabric and use as quilt inners.
So far I've covered two (using cot panels as focal points, yes it's taken me THAT long, Master almost 5 was still pleased as punch with them thankfully), have quilting fabric needing to be ironed and cut before sewing up number three for Miss almost 3 and the last one is going to be a nice warm chair blanket for me to keep me warm in the evenings and I've found a couple of pretty vintage sheets to cover that one.

Covering these wasn't difficult, the biggest tip I can give you is IRON, iron everything! The first one I put together was much more difficult because the blanket was wrinkled. You can't really see how stained and manky the blankets were even after a really good wash, but trust me there was no hope for them for anything where you could see them!

I started out with two sheet sized pieces of fabric (top and bottom), laid the blanket on top of that and then sorted out where I was going to put the cot panel, then I ironed the hem allowance on the cot panel over and pinned it to the top sheet of fabric and stitched it down.

Once I'd got the cot panel sorted I then sandwiched the blanket between the two sheets and pinned all the way around and spot sewed parts of the cot panel and right around the edge of the blanket sandwich.

Once held together properly I trimmed the edges and did a fold and turn and pinned and sewed the edges together, you could also use a nice wide bias trim and finish the edges properly, but I found as I had quite a large fabric overlap I could fold it under and get a neat edge without the hassle of cutting and ironing a whole bunch of bias binding (lazy, moi, why yes!)

So, what can YOU do with some old blankets, I can think of a few more things depending on the state of them, like coats and cushion covers if you've got some pretty ones, and the bits you trim off can go into oven mitts and pot mats.

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