Monday, 7 February 2011

Things to do with fabric scraps

More because I'm a serious horder than I ever get around to using the stuff, but I cannot bear to part with fabric scraps, even overlocker trimmings have their own bag, destined to be filling for some cushions for the four legged beasties.

So what can you do with those small bits left over?

Too small for Adult clothes?
Make kids ones, if too small for kids, try baby sized!


Patchwork blankets, as long as you have the patience to sew them up, flannelet blankets are great for using up PJ scraps
Panty liners - similar to mamma pads, just made from 3 layers flannelet
Patchworked together and then cut out to make larger clothes
Baby wipes


Warm hats, if you have really small bits you can use wedges to make your hat
Baby booties


The obvious is patchwork

Tee shirting:

Fabric flowers
Ruffles - those long strips can be gathered and added to garments

I'm sure there are tons more things you can do with your fabric scraps, but maybe this will inspire you (and me!) to use some.

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