Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Xmas, doll, firehouse and super heroes

A very belated picture of our Christmas tree, which we took down today! The kids had so much fun putting it up and taking it down I'm seriously considering making something they can decorate for other occasions.

The wee fireman Waldorf style doll I made for Mr 4, it's a bit weird looking as I never got to dying the fabric, and didn't get the hat, boots and belt made. It's pretty much totally from upcycled stuff.

The firehouse complete with fireman's pole, much used with the lego now of all things....

And finally, as I got totally sick of pegging on bits of fabric to the kids, I cut up some old sheets and made super hero capes, yet to make the masks as Mr 4 thinks he needs some, but the kids have been blasting around the house having great fun.


  1. I just found your Blog!!! It's so cute!! I'm Vegan and I love to do crafts! I've had a really hard time trying to find any Vegans online to chat with!! Just wanted to say Hello & your blog is so cute!! I'm kinda new to mine :)

  2. That dolls house/firemans house is AWESOME