Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Screenprinting, upcycling and tee-shirts!

Been making tee shirts for a friend's kids as well as mine, 15 in one day! Then we screen printed them at Playcentre, some of the screens our centre owns, but the fire engines we found images for off the net, cut them out of OHP plastic and taped them to blank screens, was tricky cutting them but well worth the results!

My fire engine mad boy is utterly stoked with his new tee's, maybe now I won't get so much grief about the fire engine shirt I still haven't sewn up!

I also upcycled some shirts into pants for little miss, (but of course haven't managed to get the elastic in them yet!) Love the flowery blue pants, they will be lovely and cool over summer, which seems to have started already, 23deg C in the kitchen right now! I managed to keep the pocket from the front of the shirt with a bit of fiddling, as pockets are very important at the moment, and I've only used the sleeve of the red striped shirt so far, planning more pants from the rest, maybe with some ruffles!

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