Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Chickens, Dora, and dolls house

Been a busy few months weeks making stuff, mostly Mr was doing the making, but I had a wee dabble, and after Mr cut out the wood, I produced dolls house number one - in pink for Miss's 2nd birthday, Master is getting a firehouse for xmas.... (I must be mad!)

We now have three feather babies in our back yard, Mr made the chicken hutch, and we got the wee darlings a couple of days ago, the fur babies were very interested, but have given up stalking the cage now the chicks run at them in a scary set your fur on end way.

And Miss and Master have a friend who loves Dora, and who is having a birthday very soon, so I had a crack at making Dora's backpack, including the map, AND I made them from upcycled materials, the bag used to be a couple of womens shirts!


  1. That dolls house is awesome. Love your sewing too. Recycled rocks :-)

  2. Oh clever backpack! And you know I love to see your chooks. . . :)

  3. Oh wow, that backpack is fab, my girls would be super impressed. So I'm not showing them :lol: