Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Stuff I've been making

I keep meaning to update with pics of stuff I've been making, mostly from stash, but there are some upcycled items in the mix!

Treasure hunt crowns - todays quickie, we had a treasure hunt at Playcentre and on the way home I was "told" that we NEEDED to make crowns with the treasure. Lucky I had some felt lurking in my piles of fabric, a quick cut, hand sew on elastic across the back, hot glue gun the treasure on, and voila one princess and one pirate king all happy!

Then there are the bakers dozen undies in VERY retro 80's cotton lycra, a score thanks to Mum who found a HUGE bag of the stuff going cheap, and some free fold over elastic someone was giving away! Of course Miss fussybum only likes the pink pair *rolls eyes*

And last but not least the swap I did recently, labeled "message in a jar" you had to make items to fit a 375-500gm jar, I chose a falafel container and made cloth reversible bags to go around the containers... then the kids stole the containers so the items just got wrapped up in the bags I made *le sigh*

The first jar was for the mum, who liked pinks, greens, sparkles, chocolate... one WIP bag from sequined lycra, a bamboo container I sparkled up with some fingernail polish, jaffas, and sparkly fabric covered buttons

The next was for a wee boy about 2yrs old who LOVES tractors, so one felt tractor fridge magnet, a tee shirt with a tractor sewn on the front, a lollipop and a keywallet with some keys in it as he loves keys too.

And finally for the 4 yr old girl who loves pink, dolls, fairy's etc... a wee purse in sparkly fabric, a lollipop, a bracelet and last but not least a mini waldorf doll with funky hair and a pretty sparkly pink dress. The doll took me ages to make and I was really pleased with how it turned out!

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  1. That dolly is too sweet! I'm sure you will have three very happy giftees, they look all look fabulous.