Monday, 5 July 2010

Skirt to childs trousers tutorial

Here I'm going to go step by step through turning an adults skirt into kids trousers. I do tend to cut up skirts a lot, so I apologise in advance to any skirt lovers, but skirts are great for upcycling as generally the fabric is in good condition, and there is more usable fabric in them than in jeans. This skirt caught my eye because of the funky pockets.

First thing I needed to do to make the pattern fit was to remove the elastic from the waistband.

I quick seam rip with the quick unpick and the elastic is gone, I also ripped the back seam out so the fabric would sit better when I put the pattern on it.

I used the existing waistband when I cut out the pattern, it will be easy to thread elastic through once the pants are sewn up.

You can do this with many styles of skirt, this corduroy one didn't need any unpicking to cut it out.

Even better than a skirt is a large denim dress, there is tons of fabric in these and they usually have lots of neat stitching on them

Even after cutting out there should be fabric left to make something else.

If you have a four piece pattern then sew the front to the back at the side seams

Next sew up the inside leg on each peice

Turn one leg right side out and slide inside the other leg, match the crotch seam and sew from middle back to middle front through the crotch. Them hem the legs and turn over the top for elastic.

Tada! Jeans with funky stitching down the front.

And here are the pocket pants, lined and turned up ( a bit too long yet), will add a better photo when I'm allowed to have them back!

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