Thursday, 14 February 2008

McCains Style Oven Fries

I often do oven fries when we have burgery type meals, usually homemade, but occasionally bought when I'm being seriously lazy. The kids really like the Mc Cains crunchy style, so I've tried to replicate them and they got a thumbs up tonight.

McCains Style Oven Fries

aprox 2 medium potatoes per person
1/4 - 1/3 cup rice flour (you can get this from Bin Inn)
1-2 tsps salt
Chicken style stock (massel) or onion stock (maggi) or both are optional or you can try out other spice combos, garlic and rosemary is really nice.

Cut the spuds (unpeeled) into equal sized chips - if you have a chip cutter this is a good time to use it as they really need to be a uniform size to cook well.
Preheat your oven and 1-2 oven roasting dishes with a generous squeeze of oil (enough to cover the bottom when cold, it'll expand when hot) to 210C for a fan forced oven and 215C for non fan.
In a large seal-able container or a plastic bag mix the rice flour, salt and any seasoning's you feel like, and then add the chips, seal the bag or container and shake until the chips are well coated.
Spread into the hot roasting dish(s) and toss to cover well with oil, the chips should sizzle when you put them in the pan, if they don't the oil isn't hot enough and they will stick to the bottom of the pan. You want them in a single layer to cook properly and they need to be well coated in oil on both sides or the rice flour doesn't crisp up and tastes a little odd.
Cook 10 mins fan bake stir and cook a further 5 mins or until the potato is cooked (times may vary with non fan ovens.

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  1. These worked out lovely! Thanks for the recipe.