Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Yolanda's Soy Yoghurt Recipe

Posted with kind permission from Yolanda.

Easy step by step guide to making your own soy yoghurt

You will need:

- An easy-Yo maker, ie, Easy-Yo thermos flask and 1 litre container (can be purchased from any supermarket and are often found for a few dollars in markets and garage sales)

- 3 tablespoons of a vegan yoghurt starter. I just bought a plain vegan yoghurt from the local health food shop to start my batch,. It wasn’t a nice one, but it made yoghurt that was far nicer than the original starter.

- 1 litre So-Good Essential Soy milk (this is the only type that does it, other brands will fail)


1) Mix 3 tablespoons of the starter soy yoghurt with 1 litre of room temperature So-Good Essential in the 1 litre Easy-Yo container.

2) Pour boiling water in the Easy -Yo flask up to the line and place the container of milk inside. Put the lid on.

3) Incubate at least 12 hours - I usually make it up at dinner time and take it out for breakfast

4) Store yoghurt in the fridge.

5) Remember to leave at least 3 tablespoons to start the next batch. But if the culture dies then start over with more bought vegan yoghurt.

6) To eat - have as it is or mix with a little jam or stewed fruit - you don't need much to sweeten as the yoghurt is not sour (no lactose - therefore no lactic acid)

7) You will notice some liquid separating from the culture - you can either pour this off or mix it back in as it is nutritious.

8) One key thing - make sure you rinse all detergent thoroughly from the Easy-Yo container - even a small amount will lyse the cells and cause the culture to fail.

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